The Cat – Part Two

Yes, I did spend a half hour last night watching Hallmark Channel’s A Kitten Christmas with Blue, the cat. Blue paid attention and was very alert throughout. The dialog was incomprehensible to me but maybe Blue understood.  Prior to that, we watched A Puppy Christmas. Mary Anne is a dog person. Blue was bored to death.

I’d said no presents, no presents this year and didn’t I end up asking for hundreds of dollars worth. I suppose some people wouldn’t call the vacuuming robot plus two air filters Christmas presents. I was taught that a vacuum cleaner would never do as a Christmas present for a woman. But a robot vacuum is quite a different matter. All I have to do is plug it in and push a button and make sure no cords are touching the floor or the robot will try to eat them.

The first time we used it, Mary Anne was near ecstatic when it started vacuuming an argyle pattern on the living room rug.

“It’s like the infield at an MLB stadium!” she shouted with glee.

I suppose now we’ll have to run it each time she wants to watch a baseball game. She can turn it on and I’ll just make sure to keep my feet out of the way.

So the vacuum and the air filters (yet to arrive) were to help me with my cat allergy. It did backfire just a bit.

First the cat wasn’t allowed in the house at all. She had shown up uninvited after all. When she pushed her way into the kitchen, I said “OK but nowhere else!” Next thing she is in living room, the hall, the bathroom, up and down the stairs. I have been able to keep the bedroom and the office off limits.  My other rule was no playing with her in the house – go outside. So now I’m getting an argument “But you have the robot and you’re getting the air filters so there’s no reason not to.”


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