No Parties! No More College!

I don’t mean the parties for celebrations – birthdays, anniversaries, holidays. I don’t mean a college that students attend.

I’m talking about political parties and the Electoral College. Why do we even have political parties? They weren’t needed in high school for student council elections, why do we need them after we turn 18 and can vote in local and national elections?

No need to waste time with party platform committees or platforms. No need to raise money or contribute to “the party.” No need to be a party loyalist. Just figure out what you think and vote for a person based on what they support.

Residents of some states know what I’m talking about. I located some percentages from 2018 when Maine had a higher percentage of independent voters than party affiliates – same for Alaska, Colorado, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Maine’s Senator Angus King is an independent and he was also previously the Governor, without a party affiliation.

Decades back, independent Senator King was a Democrat. There can be confusion as people switch around like Bloomberg who was a Republican, an independent, and a Democrat, or Bernie who is an independent but ran as a Democrat. Really, why bother with the labels?

I think some people erroneously think that “independent” is yet another political party. It is not.

Dismantle the Electoral College. (Easier said than done since it’s in the Constitution.) Let the popular vote rule. Only Maine and Nebraska allow electors of different parties. Others determine electors based on a simple majority (>50%) of the popular vote. Winner takes all. And beware, there have been years when an elector did not vote in line with the popular vote, they voted how they personally wanted to vote. One year an elector even cast a blank ballot. Some states impose fines for not voting in line with the winning party but why isn’t that a crime? I’m sure anyone who is an elector has plenty of money to pay a fine. A crime? OK – we could try restorative justice instead of making them serve time.

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