The March to March

Valentine’s Day fades into the past and time marches towards March.

Glad for some relief from the primacy of thoughts of love, hugs and kisses, desire, passion, and their relatives.

I read that Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas have a condition called synesthesia. One form of this condition is to see numbers and letters as inherently colored. Fascinating. I don’t have that condition but months are colored to me. October and November are olive, bronze, copper, and scarlet, December is red and green, some days silver and blue. January comes in with a bang of silver and gold, then red at the start of Chinese New Year, in whichever month it falls. In February, the redĀ  transitions to hot pink by Valentine’s Day. March is kelly green – St. Paddy’s Day – the emerald isle, shamrocks, the wee ones.

Time to turn my thoughts to … leprechauns. I have so many questions.

What gender are they? Depicted as male – where are the females? Are they intersex? Is a leprechaun not a “he” but a “they”?

Why is it they bury a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and which rainbow? Every rainbow?

I find it frustrating that the closer I get to a rainbow, the end fades higher and higher into the sky. How am I ever to discover where to dig for that pot of gold?

I was surprised to read that there’s been no agreement on the color of their frocks! D.R. McAnally Jr. said their outfits were red but that on the wild west coast of Ireland, they wear a frieze overcoat. Is that green? Too easy to confuse a leprechaun with one of Santa’s elves if their outfit is red. An elf should be a horse of a different color.

Back to my research.


(McAnally thoughts on leprechaunsĀ
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