‘Tis the season


Bah Humbug!

Merry, glad tidings, jolly, happy, ho ho ho, rejoice,  it’s enough to bring me to despair.

Eliot wrote the cruelest month is April, he was so wrong – it is December.

Days are too short and then there’s the weather and the usual hail storm of messages from here and there advising us how we should be feeling and I feel just the opposite.

Sometimes I cry for no reason, just ’cause I’m blue.

No one wants to hear my bah humbugs or anyone else’s so instead of a cookie recipe or holiday decorating tips, here are some options for dealing with bah humbugs:

  1. Pen in hand, write them out or use the keyboard then print them out. Tear the paper into the tiniest, smallest pieces possible and throw them into the recycling bin.
  2. Light the logs in your fireplace and once the flames are roaring , toss the paper in. Watch the bah humbugs turn to ash.
  3. Most fun would be the fire pit outside. Wouldn’t it be nice if snowflakes were softly falling while you watched your bah humbugs go up in smoke?

Say “bye bye.” Wave if you’d like.

Poof. They’re gone.

Now maybe there’s a way to enjoy the holidays.

Oh, and aren’t some of us supposed to be celebrating someone’s birthday? Someone with no need for presents?

It always makes me feel so much better knowing that the 26th isn’t too far off.  And if the 26th didn’t make me feel so much better, I would see someone about my condition. But I do know that I am not alone.

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