Week Four

Today marks the beginning of week four of my self-isolation. I’m thinking this may be my life until there is a vaccine. No problem. OK! I’m not alone. There’s a person and a cat in the house also.

I could worry that maybe I’ll get the virus and be dead in three, maybe four weeks. I could worry every day. What a waste of time. If I’m about to die in three-four weeks, the regret of my life would be that I wasted my last weeks in worry about what became inevitable.

Since I have no idea what my future may bring, best to act as though these are the final weeks.

What to do?

Best to send your appreciation to everyone. While it may not be your last weeks, it could be theirs. I’m not negative!! Just realistic. Think of each person who has not yet heard something you have left unsaid. I hope it won’t take more than 3-4 weeks to tell them what it is. OH! Only unsaid good, positive things. Byeee. I have to get busy.

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